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Requested Guests

As I mention in Show 19, here’s the list of requested guests from listeners. It’s not complete yet, but as I dig back through old emails and the survey from last year, I’ll update it. Feel free to add to it in the comments and I’ll drop those names in to the list. NOTE: THIS […]

Survey Results: Favorite Animated Film

Here are your top picks for the Listener Survey question “What is your favorite animated film?” In all, 88 different titles were chosen as someone’s favorite film and 33 people couldn’t decide. EDIT: WOW, what a huge oversight – I skipped Beauty and the Beast in the results. You’ll now find it at it’s rightful […]

Question : Did the email notification work?

There’s a link in the sidebar to sign up for email updates. I’m wondering if the people who added their email actually got a notification of the latest podcast. If you did or didn’t, could you please let me know. Everyone doesn’t have to reply, naturally, but I’d like to hear from at least a […]

Survey Results: Favorite Character

Here are your top picks for the Listener Survey question “Who is your favorite animated character?” The variety of results were amazing. There were 113 characters that each received one vote. I’ll post those here soon. Here are the Top Ten (plenty of ties here): 10. Buzz Lightyear 10. The Iron Giant 10. Jack Skellington […]

Since you’re just standing around waiting…

Why don’t you take the listener survey? This isn’t some big marketing strategy. I’m just curious about who listens to the show. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes, unless you have to stop and think about who your favorite character is. Nothing personal either, just a handful of easy questions. I’d really appreciate it. […]

A new way to leave your feedback

There’s a very nice addition to the feedback options that may be of use to some of you, especially the overseas listeners: It’s the pink balloon link in the sidebar that says ‘Send me a voice message.’ (I may will update that in the future with my own image.) If you’ve got a computer with […]

Love is a two-way street

All right, with a new month, Podcast Alley has reset the votes so it’s time to give a little love back to The Animation Podcast. I’ve decided not to take time during the shows to ask you to vote, but there’s no shame in my game so you’ll be seeing this humble reminder once a […]

What’s up after three days?

I posted Show 1 on May 1 and the response has been overwhelming. By the end of Tuesday, I’ve had about 1100 first time visitors and over 2500 page loads. I don’t know how that relates to other sites, but for me it is definitely gratifying to see this level of interest in a project […]