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Brad Bird on the Splinecast!

Go there now! Thanks to the Drs. Tweet

I was on vacation but you didn’t know it.

The planning was almost perfect. I finished animating on Meet the Robinsons the week before Thanksgiving and then took off last week for a vacation in Maryland and New York. Why do you care? Because I theoretically have more time now that I won’t be doing overtime every day and so that means I’ll get […]

Crazy Gumby Gold Linkage (a.k.a. lots of links)

If you don’t know what “Crazy Gumby Gold” is, it means a whole lot of goodness. In this case, it’s links that I’ve been stockpiling over the last few months. In the absence of a new podcast, at least for a few weeks, I want to give you something for visiting here. I generally just […]

Some GREAT people reference

I promised myself I wouldn’t do the apology for not blogging/podcasting, so forget it. I’ve been working. On a little break I came across these clips that I just had to share. Each and every one of them is a goldmine of reference, containing those juicy moments that would challenge any animator. They’re clips of […]

Want to go shopping?

In case your favorite charity is yourself, I’ve added a link in the sidebar for some of my animation recommendations at Amazon. At this point they only provide space for me to choose nine items, but trust me, they’re all worth owning. There are also links on that page to browse through suggestions (Amazon’s, not […]

Survey Results: Favorite Animated Film

Here are your top picks for the Listener Survey question “What is your favorite animated film?” In all, 88 different titles were chosen as someone’s favorite film and 33 people couldn’t decide. EDIT: WOW, what a huge oversight – I skipped Beauty and the Beast in the results. You’ll now find it at it’s rightful […]

Welcome to new visitors

I’ve been getting a surge of visits today from Cartoon Brew and CG Channel, so if you’re new here, you can find a list of all the shows at this link. Just click on the titles to get to the shows. You can also subscribe in iTunes, which is the easiest way to stay updated. […]

My Comicon checklist

I’m sorry to report that I won’t have a new show for a short while. We’re in the middle of a production crunch at work and I’m trying to find where all the time went. I am happy to report that I’m going to the San Diego Comicon this weekend. In no particular order, here’s […]

A worthy cause

UPDATE: TOTAL RAISED $500Skip to the end of this post for the final update. In September, I’ll be participating in the 2006 Nautica Malibu Triathlon to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. As part of a relay team, I’ll swim a half mile in the ocean and then hand it off to my teammates […]

Some GK drawings

John Nevarez consistently delivers fantastic drawings and an un-ending list of blogs to check out. You’ll be happy if you check the first on his list from yesterday for some work from a past guest. Tweet

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