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Question : Did the email notification work?

There’s a link in the sidebar to sign up for email updates. I’m wondering if the people who added their email actually got a notification of the latest podcast. If you did or didn’t, could you please let me know. Everyone doesn’t have to reply, naturally, but I’d like to hear from at least a […]

Disney Family Albums

Amid mentioned this on Cartoon Brew on Sunday, but listener Jeff Zirky doesn’t want anyone to miss it and I think he’s right. The Disney Family Albums aired on the Disney Channel in the ’80s and unless you taped them then, they are hard to find. Not any more, thanks to the wonder that is […]

Survey Results: Favorite Character

Here are your top picks for the Listener Survey question “Who is your favorite animated character?” The variety of results were amazing. There were 113 characters that each received one vote. I’ll post those here soon. Here are the Top Ten (plenty of ties here): 10. Buzz Lightyear 10. The Iron Giant 10. Jack Skellington […]

More to come

Hey everybody! I’ve been trying to find the time to work on the next shows (with a NEW guest), so when that all comes together, you’ll be getting Show 16. In the meantime, while I’m not editing audio, I’ll be taking a fresh look at my email inbox to see if I can whittle down […]

BBC Motion Gallery widget for OSX

The BBC Motion Gallery is a fantastic resource for video reference with comprehensive categorization of all its movies. I’ve spent hours combing through the clips. If you’ve got a Mac and OSX Tiger, they’ve released a Dashboard search widget to make finding just the right clip a snap. Separate search words with spaces and it […]

Get email updates. Also, testing a more compact look.

For those of you who aren’t subscribed in iTunes, and for the people who don’t get updates via the RSS feed – basically anyone using the internet like it’s still the 90s – I’ve added the option to get an email when a new show is released. I haven’t exactly tested it, but when the […]

Happy Birthday Animation Podcast!

It was one year ago today that the first show was released. The site’s been around for a bit longer than that, and the idea is even older, but this seems like the right date to celebrate. Podcasting wasn’t even a hobby over two years ago so I could have never imagined that I would […]

Ask the Listeners: What do you recommend?

This is the first of the ‘Ask the Listeners’ posts, inspired by Ikumi’s comment in Show 15. She loves Manga and says that there’s much more inspiration out there than mainstream art. So I’d like to pose this question to you, the listeners: What is something that everyone should see, but probably haven’t? It can […]

We’re back online

If you didn’t know, the site was offline for a day while I transfered to a new host. It was fairly painless. I think in the whole process I only lost one or maybe two of the most recent comments. Well I’m glad that’s all done! I also tried to reduce some of the visual […]

Downtime coming up

I’m transfering my site to a new host in the next week or so. I can’t say exactly when because it’s out of my control. When that happens, the website will most likely not be available for about a day, and that’s if I get to it right away. I’ve decided to hold off on […]

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